Monday, December 01, 2008

Team Fun

Our team (Bible Study) at Northwood got together last night to decorate a Christmas tree for a teenage mother. We put all sorts of baby stuff on the tree and then started a basket for a pregnant teenage mom as well. It was so fun to just hang out, talk, work on this project together, and watch all our kids play together.While the girls sorted all the toys and baby items and decorated the tree, the guys entertained the kids with the Pampered Chef apple slicer and some caramel to dip it in. The kids loved it and I think all the dads had a pretty good time as well!This was the perfect activity to occupy 8 kiddos fingers while we worked away in the other room.
We didn't get to finish the tree, but we got a good start on it. Here's a picture of our half finished tree. I'll post some pictures of the finished tree and basket after we finish it next weekend.

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