Thursday, December 11, 2008

Transition...Phase 2

I started the second phase of transitioning the girls into the same bedroom...their closets. Moving closets sounded like it would be an easy thing one afternoon. Little did I know how disorganized their clothes were! Ignorance is bliss sometimes =) So Phase 2 of moving the girls into the same bedroom began with emptying their closets of everything and putting all the clothes they owned on the floor. There was probably a better way, but again, I'm not the best at organizing.

I then made piles.

Pile 1: Clothes they had outgrown that needed to be returned to their cousin
Pile 2: Clothes they had outgrown that needed to be returned to one of my sisters
Pile 3: Clothes they had outgrown that were ours and needed to go into storage
Pile 4: Clothes that were out of season but would still fit one of them in the Spring
Pile 5: Clothes to be put into drawers/closets

Yuck, right?! I have a friend who probably would have paid me money if I had let her come over to help me organize, but this definitely is not my cup of tea. But I finished. The closets and drawers are full, organized, and being used! Yeah for phase 2 being complete!


Jen McManus said...

Oooh I am jealous! I can't wait till after Christmas when I get to do a toy overhaul!

The Minter's said...

Yeah, you were my friend I was referring to when I said you would pay me money to let you organize =)