Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Transformation Begins

Today began the transformation of Avery's bedroom. We began to change it from being a very small bedroom for one into a very small bedroom for two!We woke up and started emptying Avery's bedroom and cleaning. Its amazing what a 3 year keeps under her bed! Brent then made this sign on the box to put in front of the bedrooms so the girls couldn't see what he was doing. The sign says "No Little Girls Allowed. Mommy and Daddy have a "big" surprise". At this point, all the girls knew was that we were putting together a surprise for them. They had no idea what was about to happen.The girls finally have a dresser! Its actually 2 small dressers pushed together to look like one. Here are their new bunk beds. Avery is so young to put into a bunk bed, but there is no way 2 twin beds and a dresser could fit into the room because of its size, so this was our only option. The new bedding and curtains and stuff will arrive under the tree on Christmas morning.
Their first view of the new bedroom.Brent and I were pretty nervous that they would be scared, but they loved it! Elliana was a bit sad she couldn't sleep in her new bed today though! That move will come after the holidays. As I carried her to her bedroom for naptime, she kept pointing to Avery's room saying "ana night night, ana night night". (she calls herself "ana" a lot) Hopefully she'll still feel that way when the official move happens!


The Milfords said...

How cute! We are in the process of looking for bunk beds too,but we don't need them until May. I may have to go check out IKEA. I love that place.

The Minter's said...

Why May? Are you putting the girls together then?