Saturday, November 29, 2008

Disney on Ice

Avery's best friend got her tickets to Disney on Ice for her birthday and tonight was the big night. Luckily we've spent the last week at Grandma's house who has cable, and we've been watching our fair share of Disney's Playhouse in order to get the girls ready and excited to see Mickey Mouse.

We got home from vacation about 12:45, ate lunch, put the girls down for naps, got them up, bathed them and left for our big night. As soon as they heard we were going to see Mickey Mouse, both of their eyes lit up with that magical excitement. Avery decided that she wanted to see all the princesses and so she needed to dress like a princess. Here's what they wore.
Avery stepped into the car at the end of the night, turned around and looked at me with her eyes glowing and said "that was sooo much fun!" She also was a bit concerned we might have lost the tickets because she wants to go back tomorrow =)
Our conversation on the way home:
Avery: "I wanted to go on the ice too"
Brent: "You wanted to go ice skating? Maybe some day we can take you ice skating."
Avery: "But I can't ice skate. I don't have ice skates. I only have shoes. But I really wanted to ice skate with the monkeys and the princesses and the bear and Mickey Mouse."

Elliana's strain of consciousness since we left the arena:
"Monkey's, roarrrr (her way of saying bear), Mickey Mouse, bye bye Mickey Mouse, dance, dance, dance, yeah," This has been repeated about 20 times so far =)

I think the night was a success! Thanks Adam, Jen, Connor, and Bryce for inviting us along for such a fun evening.

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