Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Avery's saying over the past week:

After talking about the nativity scene:
"Mommy, when is our baby Jesus going to come out?!!" said with a bright eyed amazement as she pointed to my tummy.

Said while driving around looking at Christmas lights: "Mommy, I could just eat them up!" I guess she thought the lights were pretty???

Said after reading her a Bible story about the crucifixion.
"Mommy, but where is our cross?"
Me: "What do you mean?"
Avery: "Where is our cross so we can remember what Jesus did?"
Me: "Maybe we can make one tomorrow"
Avery: "Did you throw our other one away? But that's okay. I'll roll the dough and you can do the hard stuff so we can put our cross up and we'll need candles too."

I guess she remembers what we did last Easter to teach her about the crucifixion and resurrection! How many months ago was that? She has the memory of an elephant =) Don't kids just continually amaze you???

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Rubi Minyard said...

I think Avery should have her own blog with a "Phrase" or "Question of the Day!" That would be too cute!