Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Transition...Phase 3

The transition into the same bedrooms is complete...well, as soon as the girls learn to SLEEP in the same room and not just lay in bed and GIGGLE in the same room.

We started this morning with a bedroom that looked like this...

Phase 1: Totally forgot how long it takes to prep a room before painting. That is the worst part of the whole thing! After prepping the room, the first step of the morning was priming the green wall
Phase 2: Thinking to myself, "Did I really choose that color yesterday? I don't remember it being so orange!" Brent quickly reassured me that everything good is risky, only to say a few minutes later that we could always repaint if we don't like the finished product =) Phase 3: The brown wall. I have some pink paint that I am going to stencil with on the wall later. Too exhausted to attempt that today. Phase 4:The finished product!

What do you think??


Brent said...

They were both asleep by 8!! There was lots of giggling but no fit throwing. God is good

Anonymous said...

I think it looks great. In the picture the wall doesn't look orange against the brown one. I think it nuetralized it little. Good job!-Martha