Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa Disaster

Yesterday we attempted to go see Santa at the mall. Even though Avery has already asked the dreaded question, "Is Santa real or pretend?" and now knows that Santa is just pretend, I thought it would still be fun to get the girls' picture taken on Santa's lap. Boy was I wrong!

Here's the girls anxiously waiting in line to see Santa. Notice their hair is curled, and they have their Christmas dresses on. They are still excited at this point.
Then, no picture with Santa. We'll just say Santa was sweaty, grouchy, and really didn't possess much of the holiday cheer yesterday. I even got reprimanded by Santa! Maybe we'll try the Santa at Cabella's this weekend instead and see if he is a little more jolly =)
So to salvage the effort it took to go on this outing, we went and played in the playlandand ate chocolate chip and M&M cookies.
And ended the day with a picture in front of the tree. Just a side note: Today, Elliana doesn't want to read any books with Santa Clause on the front cover. She pushes it aside and says "no, no Clause". Maybe we need to end up skipping the whole sitting on Santa's lap for a picture experience this year!

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