Sunday, December 28, 2008

Oops =)

So I said I would post this last Tuesday...oops. Christmas fun got in the way of remembering to do anything!

I had talked about wanting to start serving as a family outside of the church. I'm still searching for something permanent, but in the meantime, Brent and I decided to start doing small things together. Last week was our first attempt.We took the girls to a nursing home and sang carols for the residents as they were getting ready to play Bingo. The girls were really excited when we practiced at home, but a little overwhelmed once we got there! After a couple songs, Elliana warmed up though and started dancing for everyone. Avery just stood stone faced and sang very quietly. But, once we got back to the car, both girls were bouncing off the walls with excitement and couldn't stop singing. I think they really enjoyed it.

Now for the next opportunity...tune in to see what we come up with next =) Feel free to give me some ideas if you have any!

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