Friday, December 05, 2008

Family Fun Day

Friday is Family Fun Day! We've missed hanging out as a family the past 2 Fridays because of Thanksgiving, so we were excited to have a day together today. Unfortunately all I can say is that the best made plans don't always work!

Here's what we planned for today:
1) Wake up and make a fun breakfast together
2) Drop the girls off at a friend's house in Grapevine so Brent and I could run to Ikea and get some things we need in order to move the girls into the same bedroom at the end of the month
3) Pick the girls up in time to get them home for naps
4) Wake up from naps and spend the rest of the afternoon and evening having fun together decorating the Christmas tree and the house for Christmas.

Here's what today actually looked like:
1) Elliana woke up really early this morning which meant she needed some Cheerios to tie her over until breakfast = a huge fit when the rest of us sat down to eat our "fun" breakfast together b/c she wasn't hungry anymore

2) We go to drop the girls off at our friend's house. The road out of our neighborhood was closed so we have to turn around and take a new route = 30 min. late dropping the girls off & 30 min. later than planned getting to IKea

3) After we saw the bunk beds and bedding we had planned on buying, we realized it wasn't what we wanted and so spent more time than we thought planning out the girls' new room= instead of spending 2 hours at Ikea, we spent 3 1/2!!!4) We didn't get back to get the girls until 2:00 which meant Avery didn't get a nap today and Elliana got a shortened one= most of the afternoon was spent working on obedience issues (to put it nicely!)
5) We got the Christmas tree up
but postponed decorating it until the morning when there weren't so many tears
ate a homemade chicken noodle soup for dinnerBrent, Avery, and I enjoyed it! Elliana, not so much. gave the girls early baths, read tons and tons of books, played "horsey" on the bag of winter clothes I brought out to go through, and they were both in bed before 7pm.
We'll try our family fun stuff in the morning after a good nights rest for everyone =)

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