Wednesday, December 31, 2008

She said that??

Avery: "ORANGE?? You painted my bedroom orange? You know I don't like orange. I only like pink, red, and yellow." this was said during the middle of the painting project

Avery: "My room is so cool. I love orange." this was said after the room was completed.

Avery: "I don't want oatmeal. I want peanut butter!!!!!" (Screamed while laying flat on the ground on her stomach as I was fixing everyone breakfast. She ate the oatmeal.)
Avery: "I don't want peanut butter. I want oatmeal!!!" (also screamed on the same day while laying flat on the ground on her stomach while I was fixing lunch. Again, she ate the peanut butter. Girls...already fickle at age 3 =) )

I'm in the process of training Elliana to come when I call.
Me: "Elliana, come here. And I need to hear 'coming'. "
Elliana: "Not coming" as she runs in the other direction.
Me: "Come or you will be in trouble"
Elliana: (making a U turn and running in my direction) "Coming!"


Laura said...

That was awesome!

Anonymous said...

This was a great post! I was laughing the entire reading. I especially like the oatmeal-peanut butter quotes.-martha

The Milfords said...

Ha ha! I love that she said "Not coming!" That's precious!