Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Scary bugs

Avery's been in tears and hysterical fits the past week over all the bugs in our yard. Here was tonights conversation.

Brent: "What are you scared the bugs will do?:

Avery: "I'm scared of the ones with the big teeth and they'll eat me!"

Brent: "We don't have those kinds of bugs in our yard."

Avery: "Just Connor has those bugs?"

We were totally confused, but she was determined that Connor had those bugs at his house. So Brent asked her to draw a picture of the bug she was scared of. Enter this picture. Suddenly it clicked! Those weren't bugs. They were dinosaurs. At Connor's last week, he was showing off his dinosaurs to her. I guess we forgot to tell her the part about them not existing anymore!

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Jen McManus said...

Aaahh Dinosaurs...Yes those can be quite scary! Sorry that had to happen because of us. :( Just goes to show us how different it will be with the opposite sex growing up in our houses. Soon Justus will love dinosaurs and they will be playing tea party with the girl's dolls!