Saturday, May 23, 2009

Family Fun Day

One grouchy daddy + one grouchy baby + one grouchy mommy+ doctor appointments, hair cuts, and a meeting = not such a fun family fun day!

So we tried to redeem ourselves and make up for it today =) So this week Saturday became our family day! Today we finally found a good breakfast taco place! We've been looking for a good place since we moved here from San Antonio. Its a perfect start to a Saturday morning...breakfast tacos and coffee!

We then spent the day dressing up like princesseswatching home movies of the girls when they were babies
Even Justus got to watch the movies...he looks thrilled doesn't he? =)Riding bikes
Cuddling with daddyFingerpainting outside: Washable fingerpaints next to a sprinkler...the best idea I've had in a long time!And playing with the water hose. We ended the day by watching Cinderella together. It was a much better family day than yesterday =)


RAP said...

What a great revised family day! Justus looks about as thrilled to watch the movies as Brent does =)

Bryant Family said...

You need to share the breakfast taco place. Mary is from San Antonio and we are always looking for food 'like mama used to buy'

The Minter's said...

Its a little place out near that new shopping center on 35...on the back edge of the Heritage neighborhood. They don't have the homemade tacos like every place in SA, but its still good =)

Bryant Family said...

Ahhh, Don Tacos at 3529 Heritage Trace Parkway, Fort Worth. We are regulars there for dinner, but have never tried their breakfast. Thanks for the heads-up