Monday, May 11, 2009

Organization is not Normally My Love

I figure I can't control how much crying goes on in the house, so I can at least control the organization of the house! In the midst of chaos, I need to control something in order to remain sane =)

Here are my latest projects:
This morning I divided our board into 4 sections: Bible verse to memorize, Prayer section for pictures of people we are praying for, Pictures the girls are coloring, and Letter of the Week to help them remember the letter we're learning this week.

The project last week was my pantry. The girls' arts supplies are always everywhere, so I reorganized the pantry so there was a place for everything.

This is the pantry floor before:
This is the pantry after. I think my next project will be the computer desk...look in the background of the picture below. Do you think the desk needs organized??? =)

Disclaimer: I am definitely more of a free spirit than an organizer. I think that's the nice way of saying I'm messy =) Maybe a fussy baby is God's way of curing me!


Christie said...

Hi Kari, I think Brent sent your blog to Mark when Justus was born, and I've been reading it since then. You're so inspiring, and you're doing a great job as a mom! I'm totally stealing your idea for the bulletin board. I'm hoping it will help me stay on track!! Thank you so much for the great idea.

The Minter's said...

I'm glad you like the board. Its been a good visual reminder to me to help me focus throughout the day. And I definitely need all the reminders I can get =)

Sara Beth said...

Love it. I'm naturally a bit unorganized too. I like to just say I'm not a planner though! :-) Teaching school helped a bit with that, as did marrying Brian...who is much more organized than me!

Hey, this is an aside, but have you and Brent thought any more about coming over this way in June sometime? If you think you'd still like to (I know the thought of traveling with 3 is no fun!) let us know. We're starting to get a few things on the calendar for June, so I'd hate to not have the time that works for Brent's schedule if you thought it might would!! No pressure either way! We know you're busy and have a lot going on but know we'd love to see you too!