Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Great Moments

We were having a conversation about the hospital and when Justus was born...

Avery "He came out because I prayed that he would come out quick and so God made him come out?"

Me: "That's right."

Avery: "So if I pray that he'll go back into your tummy, he will?"

This was said on an afternoon walk. I was singing as I was pushing the stroller.
Elliana: "Mommy, no please."
Me: "No please to what?"

Elliana: "No sing please mommy. It doesn't sound right."
(I guess she's already figured out her mommy can't sing!)

Avery ran into her room this morning and said this to me

Avery: I know my real name is Avery, but I like Avesy better so you can just call me Avesy from now on alright?

Elliana was in tears on the way home from the park this morning. I couldn't get her to stop crying while I was driving. She was a bit hysterical. Finally, this was our conversation.

Me: "Elliana, why are you crying? What happened?

"Avery said I'm not Ana!"

I guess she thought that since Avery said she wasn't Ana anymore that she couldn't be Ana anymore. The sister teasing has begun =)

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