Monday, May 25, 2009

Lovin the Holiday weekend

Can't beat a 3 day weekend! On Sunday, we went to churchAnd then skipped naps and drove from church to Plano to hang out with my cousins for the day.
Brent and I and the girls all had fun in the pool (and yes, I actually put a swim suit on 8 weeks after giving birth! May be the first and last time that will happen for a while =) )
Justus just enjoyed being passed around and held all day long. He sure didn't like his reality check today when he had to sleep in a bed!
Tonight our Home Team from church came over to grilland swim. This time only the kiddos swam and the adults all got to sit and chat. 11 kids under 4 and we actually were able to finish quite a few conversations. It was a great evening!

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