Saturday, May 02, 2009

Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day began with Brent making an announcement: The family mission for the day was to get mommy some new shoes! I guess he was a little disgusted by my old ones =)
So off to the mall we went for the morning. I have to admit I enjoyed our family mission!!!

We got home from the mall in time for naps...Look how calmly the little guy is sleeping. Yeah for acid reflux medicine!
We played "boats"made our very own Tinkerbell on the computervisited Pet Smart (our free "zoo"), looked at books at half price books, and since I got new shoes and the girls got Tinkerbell, we took Brent to Pei Wei for dinner. Its only fair we all got something just for us =)We ended the fun day with a popcorn party.


Friends said...

Should have posted a picture of your new shoes?

The Minter's said...

That probably would have been a more pleasant picture =)

Friends said...

Oops. My last comment was a statement, not a question. (noticed I accidentally ended it with a question mark. You can tell Brent I made a grammatical error. He would love it. You will have to show me your new shoes next time you come up to the church during office hours.