Friday, May 15, 2009

Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day was an incredible day this week. Justus is 8 weeks old this weekend and finally old enough for us to do Family Fun Day the way we used to! He was a trooper and the rest of us had a blast.
We started the day intending to go to the Mini Train in Fort Worth. An accident on I 35 put us in standstill traffic. Every one knows a stopped car and an 8 week old baby don't mix, so Brent and I looked at the next closest exit, saw it was to the stockyards, and quickly decided to change plans for the day.So off to the stockyards for a cattle drive, some fun by the railroad tracks, riding some kiddie rides, a little nap for the little guy, and a great lunch. All before nap time!
After naps, we took a family walk to the grocery store to pick up some corn on the cob. The girls needed to learn how to shuck corn before our trip north this summer =) We ended the evening with some ice cream (and yes, they are almost naked in our front driveway. Ice cream and clothes don't mix!)
And watched a fun movie together as a family. It was the perfect, relaxing day!

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