Saturday, February 28, 2009

Family Fun Day

There was no way an entire day could be devoted to the whole family playing together this week. Sometime in the next few days, Brent will be launching his new app and so needed a good portion of the day to work.
But that didn't stop the girls and I from having some fun! We made the morning a mommy/daughter fun day. Now, I definitely don't think washing floor boards and windows is all that cool, but both girls thought I had hung the moon when I gave them WET washcloths and they got to "help" mommy clean the windows. The giggled and laughed and took turns telling me not to bend over and squish the baby while we were cleaning. Which everyone knows that the image of mommy squishing the baby is hilarious and so even more giggling and laughing occurred. Who knew cleaning could be this fun??!!!

After naps, we got surprised by some of our great friends! I love surprises!!! So we just combined our families for the rest of the afternoon and evening and played and talked and ate pizza and sang songs with the kiddos.
And everyone also knows that when you sing songs, you must run around in circles as fast as you can while attempting to do all the actions to the song until you get dizzy and fall over. Fun times were had by all =)

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Ellen Julie said...

Your family seems wonderful :)