Friday, February 27, 2009

No Electricity

What goes better with candles than an ice cream party in the dark =)
(AKA try to find joy and not to get frustrated that once again an electric company has confused our address with a similar street and address and shut off our power when it was 85 degrees outside and then says they'll try to restore our power sometime within the next 24 hours while the temperature in our house continued to climb to 86 degrees by the time the evening hit. I was fighting for that joy of the Lord to reign in me Thursday!)

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Sara Beth said...

Oh yuck! I know you had to be so uncomfortable this late in pregnancy too! By the way...when is your due date? End of March? We're coming to Brian's sister's house 2 weekends from now...we were kind of wondering if we could come a day early to see you guys in Fort Worth before we go there...Brian left Brent a message the other night but I don't think he mentioned that...just told him to call. We know you're busy on the weekend but if you have a chance to call next week, maybe we can work something out...