Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Can You Hear Me Wal Mart??

Do you know all the buckles on your carts are broken?
I have a very short 22 month old who falls out of the seat every time we go.
Please, oh please fix the buckles so I'm not tortured again with a screaming and bloody kid the entire grocery shopping experience..........oh, and so she doesn't get hurt again of course


Brent said...

For the record, they still have not bled when they are under my care.... I am just saying!

Ashley H. said...

Brent...ouch! :) I agree with your wife though. The carts are dangerous.

Becky Chau said...

I went to the CAIA center the day after you told me about it. amazing place! the owners husband showed me around and was so helpful. i chose a math prograamme. i wanted to return today to spend more time looking through language arts materials - and see you in action, but my little one had a fever. maybe next week. thanks for telling me about it.

Anonymous said...

That stinks....was it wal-mart? They are the worst about bad carts. If you email corporate and include the pics...they will be calling and apologizing. I am surprised more accidents don't happen like that. With 3 it is really tough...just not kid friendly. So I completely understand- doesn't it make for an unpleasant trip. kj