Saturday, February 21, 2009

Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day was more of a fun afternoon and evening instead of a whole day this week. Those darn OB appointments take up so much time! But we did get to see the little baby boy on a sonogram at the doctor this week, so it made the appointment a little bit more fun than normal =)We had fun after naps though. Avery has wanted to show daddy how she conquered the rock wall at the park all week, so we decided to head to the park and let her show off her climbing skills.Of course Elliana couldn't be left out and quickly found her own wall to climb and made sure that everyone watched her just as much as they watched Avery! I've decided Elliana will be a good middle child because she doesn't allow herself to get left out of anything =)Then after a little Joe's Pizza and Pasta, we finished the evening off with some ice cream from McDonalds and a little playland time. What little girls wouldn't like that?!

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