Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

We took advantage of the fact that the kids can't read dates on a calendar yet and celebrated Valentines Day a few days early this year. (weekends are always way too busy!!) So Thursday was the Minter Valentine's Day.

We made cookies and then had fun with the flour while waiting for them to bake
Decorated the cookies with some red and white frosting.
Cut out heart cards, decorated them, and put together some cookie gifts to deliver to some friends
We had a blast opening the boxes from Gramps and Grammy and playing with all the new things
And ended the night with a big heart shaped pizza
Holidays are so fun! What did you do to celebrate???


BrendaBalogh said...

So, I found your blog today after finally finding a day in my life to sit infront of a computer and just look around. It all started with Susan Keeners Facebook page. My husband and I are sorta newer to northwood but have just started trying to get involved with stuff. I was just kinda meddling I suppose, looking at people from church's pages on facebook and myspace. I went from Keener's page to dustin jones to worshiptrench to worshiply to brents page then to yours. I wanted to put faces with names and then I wanted to see who people were married to and you know connect the dots. Anyway, this is when I came to your blog. I can't really say much besides i might be considered an official crazy. I read and read and read and looked at pictures and read and now I find myself writing you as an unknown person. Anyway, my name is Brenda and I am inspired by your life as I see it in your blog. I am a new mom, I have a 3 month old girl so to read about your interactions with your daughters strikes a chord with me that resonates as i anticipate these interactions with my kids. Your writing is funny and it paints a very distinct picture of the life of a Christian mom. Okay so I don't want to go ON AND ON but I wanted to say I appriciate your blog, and you have challenged me in my thinking. If it's cool I would like to keep coming back and reading about your adventures as a family serving God as my husband Josh and I fumble through it as well. I'm not a bloger yet except on my myspace and that's rare but here comes the Balogh (my last name) train, toot toot! I'm at for now. I'm out, see ya.

Jen McManus said...

We celebrated Valentines Day on Thursday too, same reason you had. The boys made cards for Daddy and we bought chocolates for him and the guys in his office. We packed a picnic lunch and surprised him at work with all of our goodies. It was a fun time. Hope everyone else had a great "Valentimes" day!

Anonymous said...

We went to see the movie Pink Panther for a good laugh. Not much else.

Tell the girls thank you for the cookies.They were delicious.-