Wednesday, October 08, 2008

To Share or Not To Share

Avery's conversations over the topic have been something like this throughout the past week...

"mommy, its not fun to share. You say its fun, but its more fun to not share."
"I don't like to share. I want to just keep things for myself."
"Sharing is too hard. Can't she just watch me play with my things?"

Pretty valid questions and pretty truthful as well. Life probably does seem like it would be more fun to hoard everything to yourself. But how do you explain to a 2 year old the falseness of that thinking?

I attempted yesterday. We started the day in conversation about one of our family friends who had had a baby last month. We talked about what we could "share" with them to help them because new babies were hard work, and Mrs. Ellie and Mr. Josh were probably very tired. Avery thought about sharing her dolls, but I suggested how about we share our food. So we all went to the grocery store, and she helped me shop for stuff to make dinner for them. She then helped me cook and put everything together all the while we were talking about how when we love others like God tells us to love them, we need to share with them.
We dropped off dinner, and I was pretty confident that Avery was starting to understand the concept that loving others requires us to share and show kindness. She even stated, "babies are hard mommy. I bet sharing our food with Mrs. Ellie made her happy." As I was just about to get excited about her understanding, her next sentence went like this.

"Elliana, don't you take that from me! I will not share my lip chap! MOOOOOOOMMMMY. I don't want to share my lip chap with Elliana!"

Oh well...we'll keep working on it. =) I guess it takes more than a day to convince a 2 year old, so I've deliberately spent the day doing group activities that promote sharing. We'll see if it works!

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