Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lights clicking on

Avery had a realization this morning. In keeping with the mediation theme, we are trying to integrate the practice of meditation into the girls' lives as well. We read a story out of the Bible in the morning and give Avery one message from the story to think about all day. I ask her questions about it all day as we play and we try to put into practice whatever the story talks about. This week's story is the Prodigal Son. Yesterday we talked all about forgiveness and asking God to forgive us and she nodded but every time I asked her about the story yesterday, she couldn't remember anything. I had to keep prompting her.

This morning, after reading the story again and discussing the theme of forgiveness, she asked us to read Jonah instead (if you've been around her in the past 5 months, you know that she is obsessed with Jonah!). Not exactly the response Brent and I were looking for but Avery went on to tell us about Jonah and when she got to the point where Jonah was in the whale's belly, Brent and I pointed out that Jonah asked God to forgive him.

She looked up with bright eyes of understanding and said "the stories are the same!! We ask God to forgive us and He does!"

Don't you love when they get it =)


Lauren said...

Hey, it's Lauren again. I also thought that I'd encourage you in this area as well. We used the book, My ABC Bible Verses with our two oldest, now three and 22 months. My oldest has memorized at least through O and gets a lot of the rest. We did a letter a week and just wrapped up a few weeks ago. Praise God for other couples training their children in righteousness!

EastCoastLove said...

That is so cool to see it in their face when they get it! I know it was a special time for y'all! :)