Sunday, October 12, 2008

Exciting Saturday

Saturday was an eventful day. We started the day with Brent running into the kitchen counter and breaking his toe! He pushed forward though because it was OU/TX football day!

Elliana was ready to cheer on her team! We had some friends over for the game, grilled hotdogs and hamburgers, put all the kids down for naps, and just had a great time.

After the game, Brent and Josh went back to the Home Makeover house to help finish up the house. While they were gone, this is what happened to Avery.

Avery and Kate were pretending to ride a school bus. As the "school bus" rounded the back of the couch, Avery tripped and fell into the fireplace and cut her head open. I cleaned the blood, saw the cut, and knew we were going to have to make our first trip to the ER. So I emailed Brent some pictures on his phone to get his opinion, and he came home so he could drive us all to the ER.

Avery did amazingly well. She was pretty calm, but pretty nervous about her boo boo. So to distract her while we waited for the guys to get home, we made some cinnamon rolls. (I had been craving them since Friday morning!)
She's naked because she got blood all over her Goldilocks shirt and so was very nervous about putting on any other shirt. A huge mess, but a big success as far as distracting a little one from her bleeding scalp! By the time Brent made it home, Avery actually said she wanted to go to the doctor so he could fix her boo boo. She did clarify her statement in the car by saying she only wanted to go to the doctor to get a sucker and that from now on, she only wanted boo boos that didn't bleed.
Avery was really brave through the whole experience. She definitely didn't enjoy it, but she did great!

I don't know if you can see it in the picture, but she ended up getting 1 staple in her head. Luckily, suckers make everything better!

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Sara Beth said...

What a trouper Avery is! Crazy. We haven't had to take our first trip to the ER yet thankfully.