Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Home Makeover Weekend

Last weekend, our church redid 4 houses in a lower income neighborhood near our church. When I say redid, I mean completely changed and upgraded. Everything from a new air conditioner, new plumbling, new appliances, new paint, new furniture, you name it and we replaced it. Our church has "adopted" an elementary school in this area of town, and we provide school supplies, food, tutoring, community events, and more to this area. The 4 houses that were chosen to be redone this year belonged to families who attend this elementary school.

It is an incredible experience to watch the transformation that occurs at these houses. Hundreds of Northwood members and homebuilders and construction workers around town donate their time, money, and supplies to accomplish this task. Its an incredible vision of God's hands and feet making a difference in people's lives.

Check out the video. The video shows the work done at all 4 houses. We participated at the yellow house.

Northwood Home Makeover '08 from Chris Johns on Vimeo.

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