Friday, October 24, 2008

Family Fun Day

Today was Friday which meant it was Family Fun Day. We had a great lazy morning together and then took off to go take Avery's 3rd birthday pictures! We had them done at Portrait Innovations and if you've never been, its a great place to go. Their pictures are very professional, and they always have various package deals going that cost only $9.95. Of course they try to convince you to buy the $300 package, but when you're on a tight budget like us, there's no problem saying no =) But for $9.95 you get one 10x13, two 8x10s, four 5x7's, four 3x5's, and 32 wallets...more than enough for any relative that may want one!

Then, after naps, we bakedLicking the chocolate off the spoon is always the best part!walked to the video store
Look at Aves go. She rides everywhere now! But her poor little legs are getting too long for her tricycle, so I think a big girl bike might be her Christmas gift this year!Family video always has free kids movies. You don't have to rent anything else in order to get a free kids movie so its one of our favorite places! Talk about cheap entertainment =)

had dinner together as a family
and just relaxed and enjoyed each others company until bedtime. It was a relaxing and fun day together.

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Sara Beth said...

sounds like a fun day! Micah is getting to tall for is trike too. We have said we'll get him a big boy bike next summer when we get back. seeing we leave 3 weeks or so after Christmas. And winter is too cold for outdoor bikes!