Saturday, October 11, 2008

Family Fun Day

Friday was Family Fun Day. I really wanted to make cinnamon rolls, but we were out of everything! By the time I realized we desperately needed to go to the store in order to make breakfast, the troops were extremely hungry, so instead of cooking a fun breakfast, we headed to Brent's favorite restaurant, Cracker Barrel. You can't beat a lazy morning at Cracker Barrel!

Then we stopped at a little park and had fun with the girls.

Brent and the girls puts together this cardboard airplane and they had a blast flying it around the park. We had never been to this park before, and it was a great little place that made you feel like you were out in the woods. It may be our new favorite place to go. There were trails that led down to some creeks, and we all had fun making big splashes with our rocks. Elliana was pretty excited about the water! Who knew you could spend an hour just throwing rocks into a creek =) They were pretty disappointed we couldn't stay the whole day and play. For some reason a family trip to the grocery store just didn't sound all that exciting to them!

It was our big home makeover weekend with our church so Brent spent the afternoon working at the house our team had been assigned, and the girls and I had fun riding bikes and cleaning house. After they went to bed, Brent and I went back to the yellow team's house and worked until about midnight. But more about that later =)

Avery is starting to get old enough to understand that Friday's are our family fun days. This Friday when I told her that daddy wasn't going to go to work, her response was, "yeah!!!! What are we all going to do together today?" I pray that idea of family togetherness penetrates both girls hearts as they grow up.

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