Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Discovering life

Avery has been trying to figure out this whole baby in mommy's tummy thing. Here have been the progression of her thoughts over the last few weeks.

  • "so does the baby eat through your be bo (belly button) or how does it get food?" This was followed by every time I sat down, Avery would come running with her water cup and try to pour water or milk into my belly button because she thought the baby was thirsty.

  • "so how does the baby get out of your tummy? Do you think it can come out for my birthday party and then go back in?"

  • "Was I in your tummy when I was a baby? Was Elliana?

  • Avery: "So when I get to be a baby again will I go back in your tummy?
Me: "You don't become a baby again. You just keep getting bigger and bigger until one day you're as big as mommy."
(she now sat really still and just thought for about 2 minutes before asking...)
Avery: "so when you were a baby, were you in your own tummy?"
  • Tonight's question was: "Was daddy in your tummy when he was a baby?"

I won't even tell you the conversations we've had about nursing! She still remembers me nursing Elliana so there have been many interesting conversations! Her little brain is working overtime trying to figure this whole baby thing out =)


Sara Beth said...

this is great!

baby changing stations said...

Ha ha ha..that's how a children s brain deduces facts.Always curious to find what when and how.

Kelli said...

have you had the conversation about the differences between boys and girls? ev quickly noticed elijah was different from her!