Sunday, March 08, 2009

Yea for Baby Showers!

Saturday morning, my friends threw me such a fun baby shower.For the rest of Saturday, it was impossible for me to sit down and be still. Its like the shower put me in gear to get everything done at once to prepare for this new baby!

So the deer head is hung, the clothes are washed, the nursing supplies are bought, the diapers are organized, the girls have Easter clothes, Elli's 2nd birthday party is planned, my lesson plans are done for the year... I was on a roll until Brent forced me to sit down, take a breath, and reminded me we still have a couple weeks!

There's nothing like a baby shower to get you motivated. Thanks for such a great day!!!!


Jen McManus said...

It was a great shower!! Although that picture is driving me nuts...1) Am I really 2 feet taller than everyone? 2) Please tell me that my rear end only looks that big because I am bending over. LOL

The Minter's said...

You were standing on the rug that's probably why you look taller =), and you're just paranoid about the whole girl pregnancy thing...your rear end looks great =)