Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Spiritual Journey

Today instead of telling you what I've been learning over the last week, I wanted to share with you a tool that has really helped me in this journey the Lord has me on.

Back story:
December 4th, 2008: Brent woke up one morning with this idea that we knew could only be from the Lord. He shared with me; I immediately just knew that he needed to pursue it (none of those usual wife apprehensions!) , and so this journey began.

He started mapping out ideas for a website that could help foster people's personal interaction with Christ. We both have been on this journey to incorporate spiritual disciplines into our life, knowing the disciplines in and of themselves do not make you holy; however the disciplines are an avenue to allow Christ to work in our lives to make us holy.

Throughout the mapping out process, my brother-in-law, an amazing web coder guy, steps up and offers to help Brent code a website. (anyone else see the Lord's hand in all of this so far?!!!)

What does this mean?:
For the past 2 months, I have been using this site on a daily basis to help foster my own interaction with God. I thought that at first I would like the written Bible studies better, but this site has truly allowed me to go deeper in my personal time with the Lord. I have never been an online Bible reader...until now.

How does it work:
The website address is http://www.examen.me/. Get it EXAMEN.ME =) because the whole point of sitting with Christ is for Him to examen you and change you. (yes, examen is supposed to be spelled that way; its that Latin version).

You can choose which Examen you want to do every day. I love to start with a Psalm Examen in order to get my mind on praising God and off myself. Then I've been going through the New Testament Examens as a study, but you can choose from any where in the Bible that you would like to study. In any of the scripture Examens, you can read the scripture, listen to the scripture, and also journal your response. The journal is saved to your account so at any time you can use a search function to search through your journals or export and print your journals. You do have to create a free account in order to use the journal function.

If you've been following my journey, you know that I've been implementing a middle of the day quiet time with the Lord. I use the Prayer of Examen during this time most days. Its a way to sit quietly with God and allow Him to evaluate how you've lived the last few hours of life, confess things, and just allow God to refocus you.

Why I share this with you:
Yes, I share with you all because I'm extremely proud of my husband. I'm proud of the hard work he's put into this and the dedication he's shown to obey Christ throughout this whole process. BUT, the number one reason I share is because I truly believe this is a great tool for believers. I was reading in Romans 1:1-15 that we are given grace and apostleship in order to help foster obedience in faith among all believers, and this site is one way that I feel can help point people towards a deeper relationship with Christ so that they may walk in obedience with Him.

Check out the site and let me know what you think. And above all, never stop pursuing the one who created you, loved you, and desires to make you more like Him! Enjoy

I Support EXAMEN.me

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The Busseys said...

This is awesome. I signed up and have done one Examen. I really like the format and guidance.

Thank you! And Congratulations to Brent! I'm going to spread the word about this wonderful tool!