Sunday, March 29, 2009

Reflections from the Week

Justus is one week old today. Here is what we've all discovered this week.Brent: "He just peed on my face!!" (yes, boys are a bit more difficult to change than girls. You have to be a bit quicker with the new diaper!)
Avery: "Mommy, are you still pregnant?"
Me: "No, Justus is here. I don't have a baby in my belly anymore"
Avery: "Oh, your belly is just big now?"
(honesty from a 3 year old...keeps you humble!)

"Where's the new baby? I like him a lot." (We hear this about 20 times a day. She needs to know where he is at all times and is pretty good about not touching him or picking him up when I'm not around. )
As for me, I'm just soaking it all in. I've discovered boys poop a whole lot more than girls least Justus does! And it would really be nice to have cable for those middle of the night feedings. Watching infomercials about workout videos is starting to loose its entertainment value!

I can't wait to be up and active again so we can start the routine of our family, but soon enough. As for now, I'm just enjoying the quiet transition into a family of five!


Sara Beth said...

Such a beautiful addition to the family! He's so cute! You'll have a blast with a little boy. I remember a few of those diaper changes with Micah! Isaac never did it oddly enough! We LOVED our night with you guys and hope we can all get together again in June so we can meet Justus! Love you guys!

Ashley Hammond said...

Congrats!! He is precious. It makes me want another little fuzz head. Hope you are adjusting well.
Hang in there.

Miss you