Thursday, March 12, 2009

funny stuff

One of my friends watched the girls last Friday night so Brent and I could go out. While we were gone, she "interviewed" the girls and recorded their responses. Here were their answers:

What do you want to name your baby brother?
A: Sam E. Chicken

What are you going to teach him?
A: to play baby toys E: Baby bottle dancing

How are you going to help mommy when the baby is born?
A: Give him a bottle E: Wear a necklace

What do you think his favorite color will be?
A: Gray E: E-I-E-I-O oink oink oink

What will you say to your baby when you see him?
A: I'm Avery, I've been waiting for you to come out. I love You
E: Ooooh Aaaahhh

What songs will you sing to him?
A: Holy, Holy, Holy, God is fwee pewsons, bwessed tinity
E: Happy Birthday

What color eyes do you think he'll have?
A: Red E: no comment

What color hair do you think he'll have?
A: blue E: no comment

Then she left this comment about the girls for the evening.

"They were great. The way you guys describe them is perfect...Avery follows all the rules and knows where everything is. Elliana likes to mix things up a bit!"

Isn't that the truth. Avery is my typical first born rule follower and Elliana likes to run along quietly behind her breaking all the rules and driving Avery crazy! Aren't kids the greatest =)

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Burkhalter Ministry said...

That is so funny. It sounds like my girls.