Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fun Weekends!

Its been a great but busy weekend and now I'm ready for bed =)

Great times catching up with our friends from overseas!
Throwing a prayer shower for Susan and Andrew who are getting married in ONE MONTH!!!! We can't wait for their wedding!

Breakfast and swimming with Grandma and Grandpa who were here for a day on their way back to Iowa. They just sold their house in Texas so its now more family in Texas =(
Chuck E Cheese's for dinner. We had a free coupon and couldn't pass it up when the grandparents were here! (I think Brent may have had just as much fun as the girls!)
It was such a fun weekend to have company. As uncomfortable as this stage of pregnancy is, it was nice to not have a nursing baby and to just be able to enjoy a weekend with friends and family. Now I am exhausted though and my bed is definitely calling my name! I'm going to be praying for a few good naps before this baby decides to arrive and reminds me of a whole new level of exhaustion=)

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