Saturday, March 21, 2009

Family Fun Day

So after a long week of contractions, no sleep, and fighting being sick, family fun day looked a bit different this week =)We dropped the kids off at a friends so Brent and I could go to the doctor together and check on the baby. That pretty much took up the whole morning! But the baby is still doing great, and Brent and I were able to talk with the doctor about our options if the baby doesn't decide to come on his own this next week. Because we're attempting to do the VBAC, we can't induce but it looks like one way or another, we'll have our new baby boy by next weekend! We can't wait to meet him!

So after the doctor, some lunch, and good naps, Brent sent me off by myself for a few hours. Isn't he the greatest?! He forced me to take some time to myself (something I'm not great at) and just relax before life gets crazy with a newborn. It was wonderful!!! All that to say, Family Fun Day ended up being Family Fun NIGHT.

We cooked tacos and made homemade guacamole togetherWent to our favorite video store where all the kids movies are FREE and rented Cinderella for a family movie night. Avery is obsessed with Cinderella these days; although she doesn't like the stepsisters or the stepmother because they are mean, so is very insistent that those parts of the movie be skipped over. Makes for a short movie night!And had some chocolate pudding for desert. Then Brent and I played Wii tennis and bowling to try to convince the baby to come out...the baby didn't cooperate though =)

All in all, it was just what I needed to give me the energy to finish this pregnancy strong. Emotions and exhaustion were threatening to overtake me as I near the end, but the Lord is so faithful to provide a little bit of relief right when I need it.

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