Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Question of the day

So why is it that when my little one is at home and playing, she often forgets about going potty in the potty? Most of the time, I end up initiating the walk to the bathroom by asking her if she needs to go, and then she'll look at me with this look in her eyes that says, "oh yeah. I forgot. I do need to go potty." However, when I've almost finished all my grocery shopping, I have all the frozen and refrigerated foods in my cart, and I only have one more aisle to go down, we have to trudge to the front of the store because suddenly she has the best memory in the world and decides she needs to go potty.

What is it about public restrooms that attract potty trainers everywhere? Better yet, how can I get that same appeal in my own bathroom at home =)

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jordan said...


Well maybe

1. Don't clean it and let it get really nasty and germ ridden like a public restroom.

2. Replace your toilet paper dispenser with a shiny silver one that you have to reach under and only releases on half sheet of paper before it rips.

3. Drill a drain hole into the middle of your BR floor.

4. Install a cheap aluminum compartment around the toilet complete with locking door.

5. By a cool motion sensor paper towel dispenser and a utilitarian liquid soap dispenser complete with nasty industrial smelling hand soaps.

6. Make the rest of your house look exactly like a Chili's and as soon as dinner hits the table, I promise she'll have to go.

More ideas to come as they emerge. Ironic that the word verification code i had to type in had the initials BM in it twice considering the topic.