Sunday, September 21, 2008

Friday Fun Day

Our Friday Fun day was a bit fragmented this week. We had a nail in our tire Friday morning, and because we only have 1 working car, Brent spent the morning at the tire shop getting it replaced. The afternoon was then spent at the doctor's office listening to our sweet new baby's heart beat. Its heart is beating at 165...any guesses on if its a boy or girl =)

So the few hours in between the tire and the doctor, we got to play with the girls as a family. It was beautiful outside so we loaded them and the stroller up and headed to Southlake Towncenter to enjoy the weather and the fun stores.We had fun walking around, playing with the train in Barnes and Nobles, and eating the best hamburgers ever at Kincaids. Avery was my Mexican food baby, Elliana was my Chinese food baby, and so far, this one looks like my American food baby because I just can't get enough good ol red meat these days! Avery was with us all day; she just didn't really feel like having her picture taken. She was too busy jumping and hopping and singing songs to slow down for a picture. Plus, we spent a good majority of the time in a book store. She was in heaven I think. For all the grandparents, she now has a list of about 20 books that she wants for her birthday. She requested that you all come with her to the store next time you're in town so she can show you all the ones she likes =) She's got her mommy's stubborness and her daddy's planning skills!

All in all, it was a great Friday. We got to hear our new addition's heart beat and we got to love on our kiddos. Can't beat that!


Anonymous said...

Justin and I were just talking about AMAZING kinkaids!!! We miss it! Also i worked at the Ann Taylor at southlake town center for about 6months while we lived there... i highly suggest Picomolos gelato! =)

The Minter's said...

We'll have to try it next time we're there. I mean, the baby probably needs the gelato so its our duty to try it, right =)