Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fall yet???

I was "that mom" yesterday. I didn't know Elliana knew what a pumpkin was until we walked by them yesterday at Wal mart. When she pointed and said "pupin peeese", I thought it was so cute, I grabbed one for both girls. Elliana carried hers around the house all day long.
I totally justified my purchase though by thinking to myself that I would just use them to make a pumpkin pie for a friend who just had a baby. In fact, I was probably going to buy them before my daughters looked at me with their big blue eyes and said "peeeese" =)
Is it too early to decorate pumpkins and make pumpkin pie? I guess all this rain and cool weather has made me think Fall has already arrived!


RAP said...

There is never a wrong time for pumpkin pie!

The Travis Team said...

We don't really have Fall in Texas. I say go for could be 100 degrees the whole month of October. I have worn a short sleeve snowman shirt at Christmas. That's just wrong!

A mom has to take advantage of each opportunity! Go for it...Amy :)

PS: I'll take a piece of that pie!