Saturday, September 06, 2008

Family Fun Day

Friday is family fun day around here. We had a low key family fun day this Friday.
We started the day building some good old fashioned forts out of the kitchen table. Free fun and hours of entertainment for two little girls. Although I did feel old b/c it wasn't quite as comfortable as I remember it being as a kid =)We then took a trip to a neighborhood park to search for fish and play ourselves into exhaustion in the hopes a taking really really long naps! We finished our day with some turkey burgers and baked beans. Elliana calls them her "ba ba beans". As Avery learns her letters, she's learning the sounds for the letters as well. "ba ba B" has been the favorite sound of the house, and Elliana has picked up on it. Almost every word that starts with a B, Elliana thinks you have to say "ba ba" before it. It makes Brent and I laugh.

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