Friday, September 12, 2008

Family Fun Day

It's Friday again, which means its Family Fun Day for the Minter family=)We spent most of the day today baking and cooking for our friends who just had a baby. We started by making some good pumpkin pie. Avery got to help stir and add ingredients for the pie filling.
Elliana just wanted to sit at her table and eat whatever mom and dad were willing to pass her way.
As soon as everyone woke up from naps, we headed to the Born's house to take them dinner and some pie. Josh and Brent took all the girls to Grapefest before dinner to see a petting zoo while Ellie and I doted on Porter, their new baby. After dinner, we had a pretty great dance party going. Notice Avery in her ballerina outfit...she's way into dancing and being a ballerina these days! Here is the little man himself, Porter Jacob Born. I wish I had a video of both girls loving on him. He was definitely the highlight of the evening!

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