Monday, September 22, 2008

Favorite Game

This is my favorite game the girls play. They play it almost every time they are in the car.

Avery: "Elliana can you say pippow(pillow)?"
Elliana: "pippow"

Avery: "Elliana, can you say wikkers (whiskers)?"
Elliana: "Whikkers"

The game goes on and on like this. Brent and I laugh that Elliana doesn't stand a chance learning the correct pronunciation of anything! Its just funny to listen to Avery try to teach her words that Avery herself can't say yet.

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EastCoastLove said...

Howdy friend i found your blog...thanks to asking your husband :) Its so cute when avery says the Whikkers thing...i agree with you! :)