Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Toys

Have I mentioned before how frugal I am? (Brent says cheap; I prefer frugal) But after 5 years of using a vacuum that didn't stand up and smelled a little bit like something was burning every time you used it, I let Brent talk me into buying a new vacuum. We got a $50 gift card to Conn's and so took advantage of the free money and put it towards a new vacuum. Brent couldn't wait to try out our new toy.

I'm hoping the newness doesn't wear off too soon. I kind of liked the whole house getting vacuumed by someone else.We've never had a vacuum without the bag. After finishing a couple rooms, it is disgusting! But I think the whole bagless vacuum is good motivation for me. Just seeing all the dust in my carpet has made me vacuum every day this week!

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