Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Home Improvements

I've wanted to make our 2nd living area into a playroom since Avery was born. We tried when I was pregnant with Elliana, but then our entertainment center broke so the shelves that held all the toys got moved into the other room so we had something to put our TV on. But there's no motivation like having five kids ages 2 and under in the house two days a week and being pregnant with a 3rd child to motivate you to get some projects done!

We took advantage of the Labor Day sales and spent Saturday morning at IKEA finding some great bargains. Then we spent all Saturday afternoon and evening putting everything together. The girls didn't seem to mind though. They had a blast playing in all the boxes and packing materials.This is now the official room for all the toys. Hopefully there will soon be a gate separating the two living areas so that on the days I have five kids in the house, at least one room won't be destroyed by the end of the day =)Our new refugee away from toys and kids things! The room feels so peaceful when you sit down and see nothing that resembles Elmo. And yes, we even bought an actual entertainment center for our TV. I'm pretty cheap and hate spending money, so I have to admit, I told Brent to go get whatever we needed to make the house function better, and I took the kids to eat lunch and play in all the kids stuff. I knew I would end up picking the cheapest pricetag and not the items that we needed. Lucky for me Brent is a great decorator. He did a great job don't you think?!

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The Milfords: said...

Yeah! You guys did such a great job. Don't you love IKEA?!!? We love their prices, but we end up buying way too much when we go. O well.