Wednesday, September 02, 2009

You Know Your Kid is Stubborn When...

Let me set the stage...

Walking through Walmart. Both girls are in the back of the cart. They start pushing and arguing. I give them their warning and tell them if they argue again, they'll both be walking.

10 minutes later...

Pushing and arguing begins again. I pull them both out of the cart and tell them they made a poor choice and they would now be walking. They both start screaming. Elliana thinks about falling to the floor while screaming but sees me walking away and decides to run after me screaming instead.

10 minutes later...

Avery's screams have weakened to a whimper. She's old enough to know that I'm not going to change my mind. Elliana is still in full volume.

Walk up to the cash register. The nice checker hands both girls a little gift card with some cartoon something or other on it. I think he felt sorry for me, and it was his way to get them to stop crying.

Me: "Avery, what do you say to the nice man?"
Avery: "Thank you"
Me: "Elliana, what do you say to the nice man?"
Elliana: Silence and a stare that could kill
Me: "Elliana, say thank you or you will have to give the toy back."
Elliana: Silence as she hands the toy back, raises her chin, and looks the other way.

Yup, she would rather give the toy back than let momma win...that's my Elliana =)

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