Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Book Review

When I first began reading this novel, I was a bit skeptical. "Another cheesy way to share the gospel" was my initial thought. Let me just admit up front that I was completely wrong.

Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart is a cleverly written story about a young Knight to the Prince. The story parallels the life of a Christian in service to our Savior. Throughout this knight's journey, he is faced with a lot of doubt about who exactly the Prince is, why bad things happen in the world, the authenticity of the "Code", and many other important questions. This knight attempts to ignore the doubt and fears he has about his service to the Prince and so eventually is overcome by Lord Drox, representing the evil in the world. It is only through an encounter with Mister Sejus (the Prince) that the young knight becomes strong enough to fight and overcome Lord Drox.

This novel eloquently deals with the doubts and fears that most young Christians have. It shows such a vivid picture of what the Christian life looks like when you live in apathy and what the Christian life looks like once you have truly encountered and submitted to Christ. While it targets young adults, I couldn't put the book down. My husband made fun of me more than once as I tried to sneak into the back rooms of the house to read without disturbance.

Overall, I personally think this story is so well written and the message it tells is so important that I hope parents buy it for their teenagers. It shows the spiritual battle involved in Christianity in a way where even the most apathetic teenager will understand. I loved the novel, and I hope you get a chance to read it!

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