Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where's my Apron?

10 years ago I would have told you I was going to be a high profile lawyer who was unmarried and had no kids. I would be traveling the world telling others about Christ and making a huge difference. I majored in English Education for the sole purpose of having the freedom to live anywhere in the world I wanted to and get a job.

5 years ago I would have told you that I would soon be moving to China with my husband. We wouldn't be having kids anytime soon; we were going to tell others about Jesus and change the world. To quote my best friends and I from college "life is to short to live boringly" would have been my mantra.

Currently, I am married. I have 3 kids, I stay home, I drive a mini van, and I have found a new love for cooking things from scratch. My how dreams and life choices change in 10 years!

But as I sit here enjoying my home made granola bars and my home made whole wheat bread while listening to my girls giggle at each other, I wouldn't change it for the world. Well, maybe I would change taking out the poopy diaper trash, but other than that, praise God that He leads my life and not me =)

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mommykoo said...

=) yes the moment we choose to die to our plans, our ambitions and ourselves, God steps in and takes over every inch of us. how awesome!