Sunday, September 27, 2009

Family Fun Day

I think we failed on the "family" part of the title! We generally try to make Friday a day where we enter into the girls' world and just have fun at their level. Not for the complete 24 hours of course, but for most of the day, we just relax and play.

Not this week...the dreaded stomach virus attacked me on Friday so all plans were forfeited. Instead Brent finished some home improvement projects that have been on the back burner since little guy was born.

Yup, this week our house got a face lift with some new wood and a fresh coat of paint

and Brent finished it off with the trees on Friday. The girls had a blast "helping" daddy, and the little guy and mommy had a blast sleeping through all the noise of the chain saw. Definitely a "Fun Day" but not necessarily a "family" day!

Saturday we went to Day in the District and tried to be a fun family but I was still a bit sick, the kids activities stopped early, and a tumble into an ant hill by Aves made us all eager to just be back home. Oh well...can't win every time =) We'll try again next week!

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