Saturday, June 13, 2009

Road Trip

This weekend we took a road trip to Shreveport! We spent Friday and Saturday with some great friends and their kids. They leave the states to go back home in a few weeks, so we wanted to see them before they left.

The weekend was packed with tons of fun and lots of heat!
We played in the yard
climbed treesrelaxedmade homemade ice creamfed the ducksclimbed more treesTook some relaxing breaks in the shade saw real alligators, walked on the boardwalk, grilled, swam, played at a park, shopped, and pretty much just wore ourselves out. All the kids were troopers and had a blast together. Even Justus had a great time on his first road trip. Thanks for letting us come invade your home for the weekend! We love you guys and will be thinking of you as you travel back!


Sara Beth said...

Thanks for making the trip! When you say it like that, we really did have a packed 24 hours! Can you email us the picture of our families together?

The Minter's said...

Absolutely. I'll put them in the web album so you can print them or do whatever you want with the pics.