Saturday, June 06, 2009

First Dance Recital

Avery's first dance recital was tonight. I think she had a lot of fun. I have to admit, I was a little teary eyed through most of it. She suddenly went from my little Avery that I needed to watch over and take care of to this big girl who was able to go onto that big stage all by herself and do what she needed to do.
For some reason, as I was editing and combining the video, the order of the clips got switched. I'm too lazy to redo it, so if you're interested in watching, you'll watch her tap routine followed by the finale and then her ballet routine. The video was shot last night during dress rehearsal as well so it wasn't today's performance, but close enough =)

Here is a picture of us after the recital.
Elliana and Justus were rockstars through the whole recital. Justus just nursed and slept and Elliana was mesmerized by the dancers. I've never seen the girl sit so still for so long! She loved it so much it makes me want to sign her up for dance lessons tomorrow =)
Nana, Pappa, Great Grandma, and Aunt Deanna came down for the weekend, so after the recital we all went back home and grilled and then Avery got her special desert for working so hard on her routine.As I put Avery in her bed tonight, she sat up and said "mommy, what are we going to do on Mondays now?" I answered, "I'm not sure because dance is all over now." She replied, "but do you think maybe dance is still going and I could go to dance school again sometime?" I'm pretty sure that means she had a good time.


Mary said...

what a beautiful video. I got teary eyed watching it. oh no... i just realized I'm going to be that mom who always cries!

Valinda Kimmel said...

Oh my, that video was delightful! I hope Avery gets to continue to dance. It's clear she loves it!