Friday, June 05, 2009

Family Fun Day

The zoo? The mini train? Bike rides? Playing at a park? All thoughts I had as I was planning family fun day. That is until Brent pulled in the driveway with this on top of the car last night!
Yes, one neighbors trash is another neighbors treasure.

This happened last night so today has consisted of playing outside, interrupted by a trip to the gym and the grocery store, followed by playing outside, interrupted by helping me bake some brownies, followed by playing outside, interrupted by naps and a trip to Half Price Books to pick up our free books, followed by playing outside. I think the girls like the new play structure their daddy found for them!

And I just had to include a picture of Justus to show what he was up to most of the day =)
After dinner, Brent took Avery to her dress rehearsal for her dance recital. Check back tomorrow night for some video of her first recital =) Usually when people watch her dance, she looks to the floor, stone faced, and does the whole routine in less than a minute. We'll see what happens tomorrow!


Friends said...

Good eye, Brent. That was a huge find.

Sara Beth said...

That's AWESOME! My kids might wish we were coming to your house! I love family would have done the same thing. I've picked up my fair share of things (or used what my dad has picked up) off the side of the road or by dumpsters!